When you put your home to work generating solar power, you'll see immediate savings on your electric bills, and significantly reduce your carbon footprint using clean, renewable electricity from the sun.

Why is a solar power system from LA Solar Group one of the smartest investments you can make today?

  • Rebates save up to 50% off your system costs
  • A system pays for itself in 6 to 10 years
  • You lock in low electric rates
  • It costs less than your monthly electric bill
  • Going solar fights global warming
  • Your home value goes up immediately, even in a down real estate market

LA Solar Group provides turnkey projects as well as pre-engineered solar photovoltaic systems for:

  • Large Housing Developers
  • Regional Developers, Smaller Housing Developers and Self Builders

On large residential solar panel projects, we will work with your SAP assessor or energy consultant to identify the most appropriate solar technology for your project. Once a suitable solar product has been selected, our experienced Project Delivery Team will design, supply, install and commission the system for you.

Frameless, glassy modules make arrays an aesthetic addition to the most exacting architecture.


Rather than industrial in appearance, like traditional framed modules. Frameless arrays reflect the world around them and offer a sleek, low-profile addition to both visible commercial properties and stylish contemporary homes.

Frameless modules are constructed with 6 mm tempered solar glass and feature four mounting holes in between the cells.